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About Flora Foundation

What Is Flora Foundation?

Flora Foundation Pakistan was founded on 1st March 2019. The Flora Foundation Pakistan, one of the country’s largest and most trusted environmental conservation organizations,  aims to work across the country to promote awareness regarding tree plantations. We’ve been precisely on the front lines for generous wildlife, fighting gallantly for the conservation values woven into the fabric of our nation’s collective heritage. We genuinely need to redefine how we think about our quality of life by strongly rejecting endless consumption, and carefully revising our entire understanding of what we think of as a “primary right” also as an “aspirational life.”

about flora foundation

The objects of the Trust are to promote social welfare through environmental conservation including social accountability, control of the forests, sustainable agriculture, diverse ecosystem, preservation, and biodiversity in Pakistan as well as to promote development and advancement of science, art, and practice of water and environmental management through:

Public awareness

  • Undertake awakening and intervention programs for enforcement of environmental law, access to environmental information, town and country planning, integrated pollution control, atmospheric pollution, excreta disposal sedimentation and coagulation, treatment and disposal of sewage and silage, biogas, water treatment methods, coast and waterway conservation, and other nature conservation programs;
  • Consolidate and develop the state of knowledge of an increasing range of indigenous tree species – their establishment, growth, and productive use; maximizing the economic incentives for establishing indigenous trees by reducing establishment costs; resolving legal and political obstacles currently serving as disincentives to the planting of indigenous trees, and building a centralized network of knowledge-sharing among the stakeholders;
  • Conduct training of professionals and the general public in ecology, climate change, natural resource management, forestry, environmental conservation and to enhance public awareness and environmental education about the principles and practice of environmental management;
  • Provide information and education by carrying on research concerning the conservation of ecosystems, ecological processes, and biological diversity throughout Pakistan;
  • Awareness of water conservation

Pollution control

  • Prevent and reduce any potential causes of pollution and to take remedial actions for mitigating the effects of pollution by the provision, maintenance of open-areas, improvement of public parks, a recreation of grounds, and provision of public amenities in the vicinity of landfill sites;
  • Organize and run special sanitation and environmental protection programs for hospitals, carnivals, hotels and restaurants, railway stations, bus stands, canteens, industrial ergonomics, and other public places;

Tree plantation and maintenance of national parks

  • Supporting the maintenance of environmentally significant lands within the national reserve system, whether publicly managed national Parks or private reserves, and assisting the acquisition of land for inclusion within the system;
  •  Promote and carry on planting, growing, cultivating, producing, and raising plantations of various forest species of proven utility and maintaining, conserving, protecting, preserving, tending, exploiting, and managing in all respects of plants and trees raised or come up naturally;

Water conservation

  • Provide information and education and to carry on research about the natural water resources of Pakistan and involve the governments and community organizations to protect and enhance the natural water resources of Pakistan which include protecting, enhancing, and restoring water sources, their associated ecosystems, ecological processes, and biological diversity throughout Pakistan
  • Create awareness among the community regarding depleting freshwater resources and create awareness regarding water conservation.
  • As, Flora Foundation Pakistan started its activities in March 2019 by planting around 3000 plants including Sukhchain, Amaltas, and pine at various locations in Islamabad.

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