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Flora Foundation Pakistan was founded on 1st March 2019. The Flora Foundation Pakistan, one of the country’s largest and most trusted environmental conservation organizations,  aims to work across the country to promote awareness regarding tree plantations. We’ve been precisely on the front lines for generous wildlife, fighting gallantly for the conservation values woven into the fabric of our nation’s collective heritage. We genuinely need to redefine how we think about our quality of life by strongly rejecting endless consumption, and carefully revising our entire understanding of what we think of as a “primary right” also as an “aspirational life.”

Latest News

21 Jun: Khan’s mission towards amelioration of planet

Despite being the least responsible for global greenhouse gas emissions, Pakistan has suffered from abrupt natural disasters and environmental degradation, and its decision to host World Environment Day was recognition of its status as an international leader in nature-based solutions and eco-system restoration.

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